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Bearings etc

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Can anyone recommend an online store that i can buy service parts from?

I'm looking for some wheel bearings, and other assosciated parts (spring platforms, brake disks, seals, spring retainers etc), for my rebuild and i'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for online stores?

I've looked at paddocks and they have all the parts, but just want to see if anyone else has any opinions.

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Quite a few people here seem to have had bad experiences with padocks but I have found they provide a large number of parts, with OEM avaliable (at a cost) and the parts aren't too expensive either. It does sometimes take a week for delivery so that it a downside.


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Bearmach dont seem to have an online shop, and i be cant arsed sitting on the phone ordering things...

I'll price up the bits and get a better idea, but it does look like paddock are the cheaper between them and lrseries, and both offer an option of the genuine timken bearings.

Thanks for the help, any more recommendations are welcomed.

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