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somthings not right? is it normal?

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hi all..

my brother has a f-reg 110 2.5TD.. the engine got re-built god knows when (5years ago i think) but the injector pump was abit ropey.. in the past year or so it has been of the road and used as water tank carrier for the cattle. only doing 10 miles a month maybe more. i noticed it was starting to splutter and it got worth allso white smoke started..

today went to go fire her up and nothing.. but if you keep the engine winding over for about 20-30 secs it might fire up.. run for about 5 seconds and stop.. im guess the injector pump has deicded its had enought..

but i allso noticed on the air box engine oil sitting on top? so i pulled the turbo hose and it looked like the turbo was baithed in oil.. and so there air come out.. so was that..

i know 2.5TD have some blow back but i would think this is not good? here are some piccys..

anyone have any ideas on the pump? or if the oil maybe anythink to do with it?

cheers sam




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I solved this by replacing the air filter (probably no air going through it by now), cleaning it all out and replacing the big black plastic oil breather thing that sits on the side of the engine with the hose going to the air filter. I cleaned it out by soaking it with petrol once and it was fine for a while but for £15 it was best to replace in the end, been fine since.

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