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Some help / advice please.....

V8 Freak

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A friend and I are currently hacking a Range Rover Classic Vogue SE apart for some reason or other....

While shedding the excess weight today (most of the body, floor, doors, seats etc.) I came across a few things I need some help with / wasn't expecting.

Firstly. The fuel tank has 3 extra pipes on it compared to my Defender. They all went up to another smaller tank inside the rear O/S wing, through some sort of fancy joint.



Can I just blank these off at the tank ??

Secondly... Located in the engine bay, N/S under the air filter intake is a plastic ball with two vacuum hoses attached. One end goes into the plenum chamber the other off into the bulkhead.



What does this do and is it business critical ??

No doubt as we get further in, more questions will arise.

Thanks in advance.


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The round ball is the vacuum reservoir for things like cruse control and when you turn on the air con it operates a flap which closes of the incoming air from the rams in the decker panel.

You can remove it if you don’t want these toys.

I removed mine along with the air con unit etc.

The fuel tank in the rear wing can’t be removed all that easily.

Smile. It makes people wonder what you're up to.

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As said above - the sphere is a vacuum reservoir for heater (etc) controls.

The extra pipes are vents from the corners of the tank. IMHO they need to be connected together and taken high then vented somewhere safe/legal bearing in mind that they will give out petrol fumes on a hot day... I have mine going into the top of the snorkel. The behind the wing 'tank' is a separator/condenser that returns condensed fuel to the tank and (IIRC) vents to the filler neck. It is not required if you are making a chopped down off-roader. If you simply blank off the vents then you won't be able to fill the tank right up except on a flat surface. Not sure, but I think that earlier tanks which only have one vent pipe has an internal extension to take it to the centre of the tank.

p.s. The 'fancy joint' is just a straight through manifold and so can be used as it is now, to join the pipes together prior to venting.

p.p.s. The vent pipes are quite tough and I have used sections of these to cover my made up break pipe on the axle for a bit of extra protection and to stop chafing.

p.p.p.s. The later metal tank that you are describing has a much better swirl-pot affair built in than the early (single vent) RRC tanks

Hope this helps,


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Sounds like you should get a manual that tells you about that year RR. Then you will know what you're hacking about. http://www.green-oval.com

Thanks, but the comment isn't too helpful.. I looked through the manual and it doesn't show either item, (Rave CD3) so I asked the experts on here....

Thankfully, others have been far more helpful and now I am armed to make decisions for myself!


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