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LROI camel trophey DVD

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Just got LROI mag as i'm in for a long weekend at work.

Watched that camel trophey DVD and to be fair i thought it was quite interesting. I'm not all that into all that driving around in the mud and getting cold just for the fun of it :D , so it was all quite new to me.

Some dude was talking about his H reg disco that he did the competition in and said that it was a 300tdi.

Is that true ?

I listened to them driving along and there were only a couple of parts when you could really hear the engine note but it did sound like a 200 to me.

Surely he would know what he was driving ???

Think i need to get a life :angry:

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it was the headlights / saying 300tdi that made my ears prick up!

I just watched it again cos i had a thought that LR maybe gave them the 300tdi prior to production as a way of testing it and proving to the public that its a good reliable engine.

Kept that in mind all the way through and it was starting to look slightly possible until near the end when he pops the bonnet up and sitting there is a 200tdi.

The guy who was doing the talking was probably just nervous with being on camera and made a genuine memory mistake as it was 18years ago, but for a LR magazine to of missed that is pretty poor i think.

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