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AWDC Challenger 4x4 Round 2


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General Confusion, in regards to access I do seam to remember that the Wigan gang in the Howlin' Wolf series (Jon Saley and friends) getting an old bus on site when it was called the scrappy racing challenge a couple of years ago. I think I am correct in saying this, but I will ask and check or unless someone can correct me with getting confused with a challenge they did near there.

But I have also seen an articulated truck with a 40' curtain sider up there, carrying the trucks and sleeping quarters.

I will try and confirm my comment, Back in a bit.


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I also remember seeing an artic up the top.

Have you used the coach at all, is it any good off the road.

The track leading to the top carpark is quite solid, there is a corner just before the hill which may be a little tight for you.

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With regards to access, in the past people have got larger vehicles up to the main car park. but as Dom has already said proberbly not too good for a coach.

How big is the coach?

It's 40ft long and 13ft 4inches high

It also has a ferry lift system fitted that helps a bit with the ground clearance.


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We took Glynn's coach down to Slindon last November, we did unload at the visitors car park to give us a bit more ground clearance because the bedford is very low in the middle, you should be fine with yours steve.

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