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What causes diff whine.........


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Just repolace d abroken rear diff in my disco, have fitted a four pin one i got on the bay, however when i lift off the gas, it whines a bit, there's nothing broken in it, and it seems to be in good condition, no chipped teeth etc, and not set too tight either, as there was very slight movement between the pinion and ring gear....

Any ideas....??

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Whine in the diff is usually to do with the crown wheel and pinion not meshing properly due to ware or incorrect adjustment. One way to check is to get hold of some engineers blue and paint the crown wheel gear face when you tern the diff there should be an even contact mark on the teeth. There have been a few posts within this forum on how to set a diff up. Though to be honest I tried to do it myself once and ended up with a diff that wined more than my Ex and I couldn’t be bothered to mess around any more and fitted another one, job done.

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Quite often a diff will have worn bearings for both the carrier and pinion, and as such loads of miles done on them.

Then they get so bad the bearing are replaced, then the mesh between the CW&P is very different to what its used to

so even IF (and note the big IF) its set up right it will still howl and whine like a teenager being deprived of his hoodie


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Not really

Sometimes if you can put up with it the mesh will re establish and go away

On the other hand it can get worse

On one on my old racers a salisbury rear made such a howl I could be heard 2 mins away from the pits

maybe thats why I am also now finding meself part deaf as it was unbearable in the race truck with a 5.7 chevy

driveing the howl :(

Unlikley to damage badly, but if it eats through the hardening you may be in trouble, equally

dependant on how good the mesh the pinion CW may move on loads of "Giving it large"

and strip teeth - however that can happen on ok diffs too.

Maybe Mr Ashcroft will impart some real knowledge vs my ramblings :):lol: ??


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As Nige says - a really bad mesh prior to a rebuild will give you problems. You should check the contact patch on the crownwheel teeth (a shinier than the rest area). If it's off to one end, then the teeth may well be too far out of original profile, and the crownwheel and pinion should be replaced as a matched pair. It must be annoying to have rebuilt the diff and then find you might need to take it apart again.


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