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Brake calipers, worth rebuilding?


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The front calipers on my disco have seen better days and could do with being replaced or rebuilt, paddocks supply new calipers for £129.95 the pair including vat, or if i rebuild them myself with all new stainless pistons and genuine seals it would cost me about £65, how easy is it to rebuild a caliper and is it worth doing rather than buying new

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Rebuilding if the core is OK isn't tricky, getting the F wiper seals in is a F art form

...............and one I haven't ever mastered......... so buy LOADS :lol:


As above - the wiper seals are a right royal PITFA! :wub:

After struggling for DAYS and finally getting them in straight (ish) I decided that I will buy complete calipers from now on.

p.s. You can still buy stainless pistons and fit those to the new calipers if you want. Pistons (and seals) are replaceable without disturbing the wiper seals - the only problem is that the wiper seal retainer ring rusts through in the end.

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Regarding fitting the retaining ring and wiper seal.

You have to make sure where the ring seats is completely clean. I used a shot blasting gun.

Split the caliper into two halves also makes the job a breeze (IME :) )

I also used a short length of tube that fitted over the piston to press the retaining ring home using a press as well. This makes sure that everything is square and pushed evenly.

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Cheers guys, with the discs off the vehicle (but calipers mounted and pads left in) i pushed the pedal a few times to get the pistons out a little so i could inspect, surprisingly they all look ok and the seals appeared ok, checked the bleed nipples and they are free too so as i already have lots of cash to spend on it the calipers can go on a while longer yet

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