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corrosion control

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I was told recently to spray used oil (from a diesel engine) under and around the chassis of my Defender. This seems fairly sensible but where are the vulnerable places I should treat?

Belizeans use "burnt oil" for all sorts of odd jobs, from treating the posts your house stands on to corrosion control on their Land Rovers :P . Keep in mind that we don't have Waxoyl or any equivalent here so homemade fixes are the norm.

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You want to treat the whole chassis, including getting the stuff pumped into all the internal box sections on the chassis, outriggers, crossmember etc.

Wether the oil will actually help i dont know, i guess it will act as a barrier to stop water getting into the metal.

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Coconut oil it is then....I'll start husking tomorrow and should have enough to do the whole chassis by the end of the year :o

I was told that the used oil from gasoline powered engines is acidic but diesel engine oil was less so and works well. I am going to make sure I don't get mch on myself, I am using an old garden sprayer for the job.

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Corrosion on defenders is caused by the electrolytic reactions between steel and aluminium. In the more northerly climates the rock salt on the roads causes the problem.

If you live somewhere without this muck on the roads then you shouldn't need any corrosion protection. I can't imagine a gritter lorry is a regular site in the Belize winter.

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