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rebuilding 2a bulkhead, dimensions


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I'm planning to rebuild my 2a bulhead with new door pillars and footwell panels. Just wondering if there is a technical drawing available with al dimensions? Maybe someone at the forum has drawn up one or maybe there is a standard documnet? The unit I'm planning to use has some welding already and just want to be sure I do use the right dimensions etc.



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It is worrying when re-fixing someone elses repair. The key dimensions would be from outrigger bolthole to the top of the screen and bolt hole to bolt hole. Remember that landrover tolerances are quite forgiving.

There isn't, as far as I know, a standard drawing available, but I do have an unmolested td5 bulkhead and can take measurements from it if you need. It is dimensionally identical in the key areas. Perhaps you could start making a drawing? I don't have access to drawing software, nor am I likely to have time to learn it so I'm not volunteering.

Also good repair panels will assist in the job. Perhaps if you post up some pictures then we could all advise.


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