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D2 Air Suspension Problem

Big Andy

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Hi All, I am having a problem with the air springs on my D2. One spring has inflated to the max and is really hard/high and wont go down again. We tried pulling the air line off letting it down but it has just blown back up again! any ideas?

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Either the height sensor is broken or it is giving a false reading to the ECU which leads the ECU to believe the vehicle is low on that side and it will therefore keep pumping until the sensor reads right, or the spring goes bang, or the compressor runs out of puff. I saw one with exactly the same fault a few weeks ago. Plugged into the computer, the height sensor said it was on the bump stops but the suspension was topped out on one side - deflating the suspension manually with the diagnostic force function made no difference to the height reading coming out of the sensor, and as soon as it was restarted it would pump itself back up in the air again.

Replacing the sensor on the high side will probably sort it out, you may need to get it calibrated but on a D2 you seem to be able to get away without doing it "properly" sometimes.

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It's fixed now - dodgy sensor replaced and it's as good as new, just had some tyres fitted on the back and discovered that I appear to have a leaky hub seal, evidence of oil/grease around the edge of the disk - looks like thats the next job on the cards.

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