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Freelander 2 in mud


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Hi - i am new to LR and to the forum so apologies for what may be ignorance. A few months ago i purchased a Freelander 2. One of the major reasons were family safety, holidays in the Lakes etc and recent flooding where we live (Oxfordshire). I have two initial queries:

i often take the family out to NT houses and the like where the car park is often a field - yesterday was one such example. The field was very boggy but i entered confidently (others in standard front wheel drive Fords and the like seemed ok) in the Freelander but at low speed. I was shocked that, when turning, we seemed to lose all traction and i have relatively little control over the car. This ended with us side clipping a wooden fence (thankfully no car damage) - there was no time to switch the terrain response to anything other than "normal". I remain shocked that the Freelander struggled so much but wonder whether this was my driving (more power needed, less action on the steering wheel?). Any advice very very welcome as i am now far less confident in the safety of the car than i was (my young daughter was in the back). I am assuming there is little possibility that the car is faulty.

would switching the terrain response have made a difference? I love the car but would like to remain confident about its abilities

My other query is servcing: i have been absolutely appalled at the standards set by my local LR dealership. There is a local independent specialist that i am very keen on. Obviously i would now have tp pay for any warranty work but do owners have any feedback as to whether this is risky (service record or even warrant affected?).

Many thanks

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I'll repeat my posting from another Forum!

Did you take up the offer of a half day instruction at an LR Experience Centre on how to drive you Freelander? Presumably not. I suggest you talk to the dealer and see if they can get you on another one. If they can't you could join the Freelander Club and some of us will show you how SAFE and SECURE the car is.

People seem to expect that because it has 4x4 it will do everything, but sorry it won't unless you know what you are doing. Were you going down hill and braked? If so, no 4x4 is exempt from gravity, but if you had put the Terrain Response into "mud" and switched the Hill Descent Control on BEFORE you entered it might have helped.

You are allowed to have your vehicle serviced by a non LR garage and keep the warranty as long as you can PROVE that all servicing has been to the exact LR programme and only LR parts have been used.

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There are (at least) two points to be taken into account:

a) tires - if you don't have proper ones but on-road, loosing traction is normal, regardless the settings you choose

B) lateral sliding - if the road is inclined laterally, 4x4 does not help at all.

I remember my very first off-road experience, I went to a hill with a very thin layer of mud, I was shocked when the car started to glid laterally... so I have learned quickly that you ALWAYS have to go straight forward against the hill, if you want to prevent sliding.

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The terrain response will make a huge difference; as will your choice as to leave the DSC on or switch it off will. As others have said it would be best to go on a Land Rover Experience course (should be able to get from your supplying dealer), and the car can not defy the laws of physics.

From your specific example if you had selected "grass/gravel/snow" the first click round then the sensitivity of the traction control (among other things) is dramatically increased and you are far less likely to lose traction when applying power than in any other setting. That said if you going too quickly and turn, the car needs time/distance to back of the power and slow you down.


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