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side exit exhaust


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I have mine out of the passenger side, but I feel really guilty about it now after walking through Dunkeld last year - the pavement and road are really narrow and I saw a small child in a pram get blasted in the face by the exhaust from an old van... :(

Not feeling guilty enough to move it (yet) mind, but I will try to be really considerate when driving in such situations...


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alright mate thats good info i dont suppose you have any pictures?

have u a back box or silencer or have you just run a straight through pipe????????

Ahh - mine's a Range Rover.. :) Principle still applies though ;)

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Straight through boxes are OK for short journeys but get a bit wearing on longer trips.

I feel a bit guilty / take it a bit easy if the zorst is pointing at pedestrians but it more than makes up for it when it's pointing in through the open window of a BMW as you overtake them :lol:

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