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Salisbury Front Axle Tech Thread/info

Ian M

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bought this last week



started to strip it today to try and work out whats what.

Front Half Shaft: Salisbury Unique

Front CV Joint: Early 90, (23 splines on inner CV Cage)

Front Disc: Same as disco 200tdi front

Front Pads:

Front Caliper:

Swivel: Std Rover


Stub Axle: Same length as a disco 200 10 spline one, but the end tapers off on the disco one sooner before the threads for wheel bearing nut starts.

Panhard Rod Bushes: Havnt compared these yet, but they appear to be std size

Front Arms: Early Narrow Type

the pics below shows in this order, top to bottom:

Disco 24 Spline

Salisbury 24 Spline (obviously salisbury shaft is shorter)

Early 90 CV Joint



can anyone fill in the missing bits?


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Mine also has vented discs, not sure if all vented discs on sal fronts are the same but mine are thicker, about 1/4" thicker than normal 110 vented fronts. Mine also have 110 4 pot calipers but it looks like yours does too only with no spacers in them. The calipers are standard 110 and pads on mine are supposedly harder material but that would probably result in faster disc wear so will replace with ferodo or equivalent. Sal rears come in 2 flavours, std & heavy duty the only difference that I am aware of is the tube thickness. I am not sure if all front sals are the HD variety but I know mine is. BTW the thicker discs are extremely expensive but can be changed to std thickness vented discs with the thinner caliper spacer.


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