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V8 Running Rough - Won't Rev :(


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Went upto Rhayader today to have a nose round the dams, and on the way back down decided to follow the old drovers road, rather than stick to the boring tarmac :)

Normally i do off road using petrol power, so switched the gas off and proceded along the lane, bit rough in places, requiring low range and some careful use of the brakes to negotiate some rather lumpy sections. Anyway, after one section i stopped the Disco to take a few snaps, got back in and started it up. This is where the problem started, it idles fine, but as soon as you try to give it some gas (and it likes it's gas :) ) it misfires and splutters all over the place, my initial thought was damp ignition circuit, and it would clear, so kept giving it some revs to try and clear it.

This didn't work :( it was still missing and backfiring, switched back to the lpg, and it runs fine, usual levels of power, ticks over lovely etc, but as soon as back on petrol, there is nothing, just misfires, pops and bangs through the air filter, and there is no power at all :(

By the time we go back to the main road, the lpg was running low, so we only just made it to the nearest LPG station.

I have grabbed the hotwire diagnostics manual, and will give the air flow meter a check tomorrow (that's my suspicion). It's got to be fuel related, as opposed to ignition, as it wouldn't run on lpg properly if it was ignition related.

Any thoughts from the V8 guru's out there??? (MSquirt is not an option :) ) It's a 3.5 hotwire EFi, 1990 vintage.

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Would I get beaten for saying "fit a diesel"

no, i've got a 300 tdi waiting for a new 'box on th drive :)

just want to get this one working again now too :)

I'd change the plugs as misfires kills em quick,

so whilst it may not be the issue it will sure as hell make it worse

it's only playing up on petrol, lpg is fine with no misfires, so don't think plugs are an issue really

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