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Hello everybody!

Does anybody know of a solid 110 Defender hard top for sale?

I am doing the Mongolian Rally this year with my friend Matt and we need your help. Here's the thing...

Instead of taking a normal car we have upped the stakes and will be delivering a much needed 4x4 ambulance to the people of Mongolia. As well as donating the ambulance and medical supplies, we are raising money for Save the Children.

The journey will take about 4 to 5 weeks, covering 10,000 miles through five mountain ranges and three deserts. We will be dodging camels, befriending overzealous border guards, dining on blow-torched sheep's head and wrestling (Mongolian past time) our way to the destination, Ulaanbaatar!

We have set our sights on and have started searching for a Land Rover 110 hard top. Preferably diesel (200tdi, 300tdi, Td5) and one with a solid chassis and strong engine! Does anybody know of one for sale? We have a budget of about £2000 for the vehicle.

Also if anyone knows of any companies that could help with the servicing and preparation of the vehicle for the journey or could provide any part of the equipment and supplies needed for the trip, please get in touch.

In the meantime check out our website at www.mongolresponse.co.uk for more details/further updates and look out for us on the BBC News sometime around 21st April!!

Remember, we are driving through some of the world's most inhospitable countries to deliver an ambulance to a country in need. If anybody has some spare parts, equipment or supplies that would be useful and would like to donate to the project, please get in touch and help us out. It all counts.

Thank you


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