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what lift springs

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i'm looking for some advice, i need to replace the front springs on my 90,

the teraffirma kit has sagged badly at the front, 90truckcab,200tdi engine, lowline winch,tubular bumper,heavy stearing guard, my lift was 2" and i'd like to get it back to that, i do not fully understand all this spring rate stuff to be honest, i just know my truck sits low at the front,

so your recomendations please gents, and no i do not want teraffirma again, its bloomers :P

the reason i ask here is that i do not wish to hijack other folks threads

the truck is used off road, marshalling, recovery, play days, and hopefully winch challenge at novice level once the cage is fitted next month.

thanks in advance,



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red/white rangie police spec rears.

do the job nicely and genuine ones from landrover are still cheaper than many of the aftermarket lift springs and being genuine they wont sag. Got red/whites on the front of my 90 and still give a solid 2" lift 5 years after being fitted. PLus with them being longer, i didnt need dislocation cones up front when i fitted +2" shocks. Bonus.

Cant comment on the quality of paddocks/craddocks etc versions of them, as i bought 'real' ones from my local stealership. I think they were £40 for the pair compared with £10 each from paddocks. But you get what you pay for, so i bought genuine.

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