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gearbox/clutch rattle


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Having finally replaced the clutch I now have a rattle at tickover :angry:

its only when in neutral at tickover - if i depress the clutch fully it stops, it makes no noise when in gear and changes up and down perfectly and smoothly. so no noises when actually driving unless stopped in neutral

its just like a rattly bearing/clatter but if i turn the tickover up to 1k then it calmes right down as well to a quiet rumble but cuts out completly when in gear/driving- initially i thought it might be the release bearing but that would be when i depressed the clutch not when its in neutral?

anyone any ideas?



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Sorry to drag an old thread back into life but can anyone enlighten me as to the cause of this noise?

(The link above to Ashcroft's website doesn't seem to work anymore)

My 300tdi 110 was recently started up while in a warehouse and sounded pretty rattly.

I think it may have always been a little noisy, it's just in the warehouse the noise was more noticable.

Pressing the clutch pedal makes the rattleing noise stop.

As the O/P stated in his post, my 110 drives perfectly, gear changes are smooth and I'm prettty sure the clutch was changed just before I bought it (5k miles ago)

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I remember the Ashcroft site stated that the noise was due to the layshaft, which is spinning when the cluth is engaged and the 'box is in neutral. The layshaft amplifies the diesels vibrations at tickover, as there is no load on it.

I would imagine that the type/number/age of springs in the clutch would affect how noticable the noise was, hence the OP stating the noise increased after changing the clutch.

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That's great - thanks for the reply.

I think the noise on my 110 has probably allways been there - it's just hearing it in the confines of a warehouse, it seemed very loud.

A comment from a friend that "it sounds like your clutch release bearing is on it's way out" didn't fill me with confidence either.

The sound does go when either the revs are picked up or the cluth pedal is pressed.

Driving around normaly, it's all good..so the layshaft rattle does sound pretty likely.


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