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lazy turbo


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I own a Disco 300TDI, and i feel that the turbo kicks in too late...

It only starts to be felt at around 2300 rpm, there is plenty of power after that...

Lately I've been driving a disco from a friend ans the turbo can be felt around 1700 rpm...

can it be adjusted or is it a turbo problem?

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It could be a number of things - I would start by checking the boost sensing diaphragm in the injector pump to see if that is OK, if you look in the tech archive forum at the 300Tdi tuning thread it will give you some ideas about what you are looking at. Fuelling is critical to the turbo spooling up properly and it may benefit from a gentle tweak as well but don't over do it!

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my impella on the turbo was well gunked up after i changed the head, so i sprayed some fuel system cleaner stuff in the airflow meter it as it was revving at about 1500 revs, and that seemed to clean it up and make it spin up a bit faster..

might be worth a try..


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