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Good to meet you all last Tuesday, enjoyed the run out.

Re the meeting place, Dave, How about the Gas Club in Gorse Hill Gipsy Lane next to Wicks.

I know the Sun Inn was mentioned but having looked on their web site Tuesday is darts night.

The Gas club has recently been extended and I dropped in last night and it was quite empty, I chattted to some of the committee and new members are welcome, cost about £5 which you will soon save as the beer is cheap.

There is darts, pool, and skittles did I mention the cheap beer and a Kabab Van in the car park what more could we ask!!

The car park looks small but there is additional parking down by the Kabab Van, and always wicks car park which is huge.

What do you think?


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Sorry guys I've been tied up for a while. I'm easy about a suggested next meeting place. The first Tuesday of the month would make it 5th May. What do others feel about the gas works? I know nothing about the place. Alternatively my local, The Bell Inn at Purton Stoke. Or alternative suggestions please,



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Its not the size of the car park, the Churchill has a masive car park, its the room in the place.

Most pubs are not big enough if 20 or 30 people turn up. We had 10 last Tuesday and that was just for starters, there will be as many again from the Difflock forum if only half of those expressing an interest turn up.

I know the Bell and the Harrow and they are just not big enough for 20 - 30 people.

Time is getting on the, next meet only a week away so lets try the gas club you don't have to pay membership straight away, I know we will have the new extention to ourselves.

The Gas Club is in Gipsy Lane SN2 8DH next to Wicks.

A4311 & B4143

See you all there.


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At the last meeting we discussed planning some weekend greenlaning trips. It would be good if we could firm up on some routes and dates for us to do in May.

If anyone from the Chelt and Glos group are able to jon us next week and share their knowledge on any lanes in their area i'll buy them a pint. ( limited to the first 5 persons :))


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Don't forget that today is the last day of 'closures' across the majority of By-Ways around here. There are loads south of Swindon, although I've not travelled many. The last (and first) time we met we said the first Sunday of the month we'd organise an outing, and we'd meet on the first Tuesday... perhaps we'd be better of with the second Sunday for travel to give us an opportunity to firm up a route etc. when we meed?


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