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Brake Pipe Flaring Kit


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Since getting the failure for rusty brake lines on the Disco, I've been searching eblag for a good quality brake pipe flaring kit/tool. I've been watching for the more expensive Flaremaster units and one day would like to have it.

But in my searching, I've seen that you can order/buy individual die/punch sets for the Flaremaster. (See the attached photo)

This got me thinking, couldn't a person take the cheaper route and just buy this set and use it in a sturdy vice? A brass hammer to use on the punches should give the same results as using the hydraulic arm on the Flaremaster. At least you can tap away and stop at will to inspect your handy work?

Anyways, just a thought......is there any merrit in it?



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I once made a flare with a centre-punch in the middle of Afghanistan and that worked fine all the way back to the uk, so I would imagine that if you are careful it would work.

But, in my humble opinion, I feel that the whole point of buying the Flaremaster over cheaper ones is the reliable, quick and easy creation of a quality flare (and which can be done in situ BTW) and by just using the puches and dies, you remove most of those advantages...


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you saw that to, eh. :hysterical:

I did borrow the one from the dealership today and began doing the brake lines. I can say that that tool is the dogs dangles, I will be buying one. ;)


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As an addition to this thread - does anyone know of a really good, small 'automatic' tube cutter for brake pipe? I have one for domestic water pipe and it's brilliant - slot it on the pipe and in a couple of turns it is cut :)

Every one of those screw-in-the-sliding-wheel type of cutters that I have tried is a real fiddle to use and also is a pain in tight spaces. The one supplied in the Flaremaster kit needs about 3" clearance all around the pipe to swing in, by the look of it. :o

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I have a Flaremaster - and would recommend it very strongly!

It's all very well using a tool out of a Christmas Cracker - but one duff flare could kill you.

I'd rather spend a few quid more and have something I can bet my life on!


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