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Tweeters in the front door pillars...


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Has anyone used the standard LR door pillar tweeters as part of a stereo upgrade?

How much are they rated at in terms of power & KHz? I was thinking of using some as part of a stereo upgrade that I'm doing in the front doors. I have a decent set of mid range component speakers fitted in the doors and now have to locate some tweeters, but if the Rover ones are up to it I might use them instead.

Failing that I will cut out the LR ones and fit another type in it's place.



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Don't know mate, I'm thinking of the same.

I replaced the standard speakers in front and back (only four speakers) with some 5.25" decent Alipnes.

Sounds alright in the back I'm presuming because of A; The space they have and B: They are at ear height in the back.

Sounds not great in the front as even though they are decent speakers they are still down at knee height. Best bet is to get some 6.5" comonents and try to angle them to point more in to the cabin.

Got too many jobs that I want to do so I think I won't be finishing this for a while myself

; (

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I have tweeters mounted on the A post and they handle the 'highs' very well. I haven't a clue on their spec. but if you are retro fitting then and they are non LR then spec will be on the box but I'm sure you will get a spec for tweeters from a search of the www.

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The reason I ask is because I am fitting a set of Rockford Fosgate 6.5" components in the front doors and didn't know where to mount the tweeters.

My base spec Disco didn't have the 'A Pillar' tweeters but I picked up a pair today complete with the trim panels. At first I was just going to use the plastic mouldings...but then I thought I'd give the Rover Tweeters a go and see how they hold up to 400 watts per channel.

If they go bang then I'll use the same plastic A pillar molds and fit the Rockford tweeters in their place.

I've looked on the reverse of the Rover items but they don't have any specs on them....just gobaldy gook.

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Hi Streaky

Hows it going ?

Tweeters in the "A" pillar made a big difference when I put them in mine, dont know how much they can handle though.

Whats more interesting though is the 6.5's in the door panel ..... send me some pics.


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