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hello all

after a pay and play day i have got a squeak from under my 90 had a quick look underneath found a bit of movement in one of the prop ujs so removed the prop diff lock engaged and went for a drive still there :(

got home this evening and jacked up the rear chocked the wheels started the engine engaged a gear and let the clutch up the squeak seemed to be from rear of prop no movement in uj at all.

got an oil can and ran some oil on the oil seal while turning the wheel squeak stopped and has now gone :D

i suspect the bearing may well be on its way out!

now the questions

1 surely the bearing should have oil from the diff on it?

2 is the bearing hard to change? whats involved? is it a total strip of the diff?

3 while on the subject has anyone on here fitted an arb diff locker themselvs is it maybe worth etting one fitted if the diff needs stripping?

thanks in advance chaps

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