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will a 300TDI bulkhead fit a 200TDI 90

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I've just finished (well is a Landrover ever finished?) putting a '96 bulkhead on and '89 90.

Nothing needing cutting off or welding on. Had to install a couple of nutserts (holes were present) for the fuel filter but thats all.

Sounds easy doesn't it! But for various reasons (wife,kids,holiday,injury,parts,only working in 1 1/2 hr sections) it has taken 2 1/2 months in a comfortable workshop.

It's pretty much a nut and bolt job but ever so time consuming. I also had a few other little jobs on the way. New brake line, new clutch MC, new rad, new BH outriggers. I guess they added 6-8hrs to the total.

Keep track of all the screws/nuts/bolts etc you take off and label every electrical connector you pull apart it will save you time in the end.

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James, carefully remove & reuse the existing loom in your 90, it'll make reconnection much easier because the 300Tdi loom [if it's still on the 'new' bulkhead has different multiplugs] & as above make notes of wire olour & which system it operates & photo's lots of them will help.

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going for a better item then ? hows the repairs coming on otherwise ?

Thanks to everyone for the help.

Hi Ralph,

Well we welded some large patches of 2.5mm steel over the rot on the chassis today but now the drivers door wouldnt close but I have adjusted the keeper and taken out three shims and now it fits better than it did when I bought it! I guess the reason the doors are binding is the fact that I have cut the old out riggers almost through on one side and off completely on the other ready for the replacements.

We have also found the rear crossmember to be shot and we are debating wether to replace it with one with leg extensions or just a crossmember and patch the rotten bits of rear chassis. I think I will choose the one with extensions as this does away with the bits of rot on the tail end in one hit.

On that note do you or anyone else know of the best supplier of that type of crossmember?.

By the way we have pulled the rear loom from the chassis and are going to route it through conduit in the body out of wet and harms way.

I will keep you updated as we go on.


James :)

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