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challenge truck exhaust

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I'm moving my exhaust on my 90 because the roll cage mount is in the way of the side exit I had already.

I'm building my 90 to use in challenge events, but I want to run my exhaust up behind the cab. Would this be OK for challenge event rules/regs?



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The MS Blue Book states:


• Have the exhaust system isolated from the driver/passenger compartment (e.g. beneath the floor or secured in casings of solid material).

• Have no part of the exhaust system protruding to the rear of the bodywork more than 15cm.

• If Racing Car with rear aerodynamic device, not have any exhaust pipes extending rearwards beyond the aerofoil.

• If Racing Car without aerodynamic device, not have exhaust pipes extending more than 60cm beyond the rear wheel axis.

• If Rear Engined Single Seater Racing Car, have the exhaust outlet between 4cm and 60cm from the ground.

• Have all exhaust outlets terminating behind the mid-point of the wheelbase of the vehicle and within 150mm of the outside the bodywork periphery in plan view. Side exhausts not to protrude more than 4cm. For vehicles other than racing cars that are not fitted with enveloping bodywork any side exhaust may not extend beyond the plane through the outside of the front and rear tyres with the front wheels in the

straight ahead position. Cars of periods A to E and Drag race vehicle are exempt from these requirements.

I can't see that it specifcially excludes vertical exhausts, provided it is behind the mid point and within 12cm of the edge of the bodywork.

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Thanks for the replies lads :)

I've managed to get a piece of 3" stainless tube, that is bent to pretty much the right shape for running the exhaust out behindthe passenger door, just in front of the wheel arch, so I'm gonna put the exhaust there.

Thanks again

Chris :)

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