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Wading kit.

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both axles/main & transferbox are factory fitted with breathers, rear axle pipe usually ends at the top of the rear suspension A frame to chassis connections, all the others in the engine bay behind the cylinder head & between it & the bulkhead.

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you already have one fitted to a TD5. It's at the back of the engine next to front axle breather. If you want to extend them, just snip off loop and use some push fittings and extra pipe.


I saw that one plus one more. Its just the kit I bought has two lengths of pipe and 3 90 degree swivel elbows. Axles and gearbox and trans box done then the fitting bible that came with it says that one fitting should go into the bottom of the gearbox bellhousing. maybe I dont need the thing and its just a bit of bulls--t, what do you think? There is one 8mm bolt screwed in that I think does not look original, not sure about it, and what is the larger threaded hole for that I can get my finger in to?


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the larger threaded hole you can get your finger in could be the bellhousing drain hole? its there to allow any clutch fluid/engine oil to drain without ruining the clutch if the rear main oil seal fails or the slave cylinder fails, it should have a wading plug fitted if you go wading and removed afterwards although if the water is relatively clean the clutch ought to dry off quickly and you should be ok.

Hope that helps


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