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Maxxis Mudzillas


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Ok chaps... We are after a set of Mudzillas 33x13.5x15. preferably on black modulars.

But at the mo there seems to be national shortage of these tyres :( . We have phoned loads of distributors and they have all said the same thing... there is a container thats gone missing and nobody has an arrival date for them. As its only 5 weeks until we leave for Russia we are getting a little nervous

sooooo.... Does anybody know anywhere that has 5 of this size tyre in stock anywhere in the UK?

Cheers guys.


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Nice idea, but we're going to Ladoga - I think that'd just dig us a nice big hole in a very big swamp :lol: Thanks anyway :)

Al, TBH I don't want the hassle, if we miss it/miss the ferry/something happens we're then doing Ladoga on 5x knackered wheels... scary! :(

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I'll check around over here as well, know of a few places that sell them. If I can locate any, I'll let you know ASAP!

For my Defender, I'm actually thinking about replacing the Baja Claws (the original design copied in the Mudzilla's) with Boggers. I really love the Claws and they perform great as an allrounder, but I do fear they're not the best choice for swamp conditions...



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What about getting the proper MT Baja Claws?

They Are expensive but I saw someone in LRO advertising them this month.. Silverline maybe?

I think Jen is going to give Silverline a call today to see what they can do on a set of Baja Claws.

That Charles bloke (seems very helpful :) ) from the ebay shop is hopefully making shipping enquiries for us today to find out when they are expected to land in the UK. ;)

Boggers could possibly be an alternative if they are not too expensive... Who sells them in the UK, anybody know?

Bogmonster... cheers for you efforts, shame you didn't come up trumps as I'd much rather buy through somebody here on the forum. :)

Cheers guys... will keep you posted on developments!

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If you go for bogger speak to Super Swamper Europe as Jez suggested - not in the UK but they speak good English, are very helpful and deliver quickly. B)

Cheers for making enquiries Filip ;) but...

I've just had word from Charles at JCS and he says the missing container is on the quayside awaiting some customs clearance or something and should be with him by next week...

D :)

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JCS (bloke off ebay) an silverline all get the same stuff off the same container but silverline is the main distributer for them (i think its the same with most of them) so silverline may have the best price when they come in.

thats going from what the bloke at JCS says

i'd also sorce a good set of 15" x 10" rims your self the ones i had off JCS werent the straightest


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Thanks Rich, but they're too big and not wide enough, we need wiiiiiiiiiide for swamps :) Hopefully we can sell them on afterwards with enough cash to buy another set of new BFG's for Charlie. We only really want to use them for the event.

Dave, thanks for the tips. Will give Silverline another call on Tuesday to get a price, but he was certainly more helpful than Silverline. If we do buy from him we'll see if he'll just source us the tyres.

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