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Headlight Alarm / Buzzer

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Hi Everyone,

I have a '97 300tdi 110.

I cant count how many times i've locked up the truck and then only later realized ive left the headlights on.

Every other vehicle ive owned has had a buzzer to remind my dumb-self that ive left the lights on.

Has anyone done this modification ?

I searched the forum but haven't found anyone mentioning the problem, let alone installing a buzzer.

I guess it only proves.......im pretty unique :lol:

anyway...all help and comments appreciated.


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How about this....


One assumes you could get the indication from the dash lights that the lights were on, and an ignition feed and a supply from the door contact .....?

You could even finish the project off with one of these to switch the lights on and off in the first place http://www.rapidonline.com/Educational-Pro...h-project/73214 :)

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Most cars i've dealt with that dont have sophisticated ECU's controlling everything, tend to have a two pin contact on the drivers door instead of the normal 1 pin contact for the interior light.

Otherwise, the lights on alarm would be triggered by anyone opening a door, or even turning on the interior light manually, depending on how the cars wired.

If you could get this 2 pin switch for the landrover, it would be pretty simple to hook up a buzzer using a normally closed relay, with the ignition across the coil to hold it open when the engines running, and the headlight feed going to one end of the switch, then out, into the buzzer and earthed thru the door contact. Shouldnt cost much for a relay and buzzer.

Alternatively you might find that the door buzzer relay from some other car would be easy enough to integrate into the loom. Vauxhalls have a reasonably simple relay you could find in a scrappy, and these relays usually have a current flow diagram on the side, so you can work out where your feeds all go.

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On my Mini I recall getting a 2 wire buzzer with one wire on positive side of headlights after switch and one on a door sensor wire. Lights on powered one side of the buzzer, door open earthed the other end and made the circuit. They were a couple of quid from car parts shops - not sure if they're still available


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that would work, but it would buzz any time you opened the door with the lights on. If your going to do it its probably sensible to get the right bits and make it only work on the drivers door with the ignition off, as the OE install would be.

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So what's wrong with checking all the switches are off before you get out of the drivers seat ? that's all I do. hate buzzers for lights on/keys in ignition,

While walking back to the truck to unlock and switch the damn headlights off.....

i say to myself......i swore i turned off everything .

Aragorn: Thanks for the idea....im electrically illiterate....your idea sounds exactly like what im thinking...but i was thinking of a simple hood pin switch.

though, if im understanding your double pin switch...it sounds perfect. Id have to buy the ebay switch from Ebay.uk and have it sent to the US or Israel.

Could you please tell me the name of the part type to search for it locally ?

also what do you all think of this ?


also this kit looks great for me to learn a little...its cheap....and it would be great if i put it together and it actually worked.


thanks alot guys for all the help....


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