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Have i got a turbo problem


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I have a 51 plate Discovery TD5 which is making a whistling & wining sound.

When I accelerate (even just touching the accelerator) there is a whistling sound coming from engine it also appears to be more noticable from inside the truck rather than outside.

Along with the whistling there is a sound that i can best describe as an off road motorcylce running on 1 cylinder (if they have more than one).

as the truck goes faster the noises are gradually drowned out by the "normal" sound of the engine, if I remember correctly the noises have gone by about 2500-3000 RPM.

Any ideas?



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sounds to me like the exhaust manifold is warped, and possilbly a sheared manifold bolt or 2. had same problem on mine. hth.


I will check that, possibly done some damage while I have been off road, are manifolds expensive?


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I would check the turbo pipework - especially after the turbo - where the intake air is under pressure. With the engine running, run your hand around the pipe to feel for air pressure leaks. You may also notice a drop in performance if the leak is significant. Inlet manifold leak will usually be noticeable by a drop in performance, higher fuel consuption, rough idling, excessive turbo lag.


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