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hot or not 200tdi

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my newly fitted 200tdi in my 90 seems to be reading a bit hot on the gauge between the white and red ive got a steve parker temp sender conversion fitted and the head doesnt feel red hot nor do top and bottom rad pipes im worried about

useing it as dont want to cook the head any ideas ???

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could be a stuck or missing thermostat

thanks for the reply to my other post the thermostat is missing at the moment but i didnt think it would make any differance i think ive sorted other probs just a bit worried about the temp

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is the sender a VDO or LR part, if it's a VDO part it maybe a mis match with the existing gauge, you could use the Defender 200Tdi sender PRC8593 & that will happily work with the existing gauge.

cheers will try one of those

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