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Series carb for off roading


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I took my series out today on a few lanes but as soon as she was at an angle the engine cut out. It seems that there's no fuel going to the carb when leaning right. Presume this is a common fault? I got the standard zenith carb, if I need to change what do I get? Do I need an electric fuel pump as well?

thanks! :)

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I'm aware of three vehicles that suffer this, mine being one of them. All I know is that my Zenith reproduction carb came in the infamous blue box and the engine floods on steep slopes to the right.

I'm guessing that it's because of a poor seal within the carb, allowing the float's entire contents to pour straight into the venturi?

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I had awful problems with this exact same issue. Its not fuel starvation, but flooding that caused my problem. It would misfire and die as soon as I tried to climb a slope, or lean over to the right. Even driving around a sharp left hand bend would make the engine falter.

It turned out to a leaking float valve allowing too much fuel into the chamber, AND a warped carburettor top and emulsion block. A new float valve, set slightly higher than normal, (34mm from gaskdet face), and lapping the mating faces of the emulsion block and carb top completely cured the problem.

It might be cheaper and less hassle to just buy a new carb, they are not too expensive.

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