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Td5 Mid pipe removal


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Hi there,

I am starting to modify my D2 and was considering removing the middle silencer.

Has anyone done this?

Is the result obscenly loud or nice roar loud?

i am after a throaty note but not too annoying!

(Being an auto i think the revs would be quite high most of the time).

I tried this on my 200tdi 90 and was a bit loud. Was kinda hoping with the extra length and end silencer still in place would cut some of the noise.

Being a cheapscate, I plan to remove the mid box, cut out the silencer and weld in a straight pipe so this would be an irreversible mod so would need to be sure.

I tried the search but didnt really come up with anything substantial.

Look forward to your comments.

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Guest noggy

the added length of the exhaust should help with the noise reduction, but also remembering in a 90 there is little to no sound proofing but in a D2 there is plenty of carpet etc to deaden external noise.

I think you should be ok in doing. But perhaps lookin into a cherrybomb silencer to give it a better tone.

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