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Susspected cracked head

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Hi all,

I have just transplanted a discovery 200tdi engine into my defender. The engine ran for a while, but blackish smoke came from the exhaust when accelerating (nothing at tickover) which I assumed to be an overfueling problem or lack of air due to a split pipe.

However I went to start it yesterday and it realy struggled to start and seemed to be missing. I took the cap of the expansion tank and water jetted out in pulses, the water was a brownish colour but with no signs of oil. Also the oil filler cap was clean with no imulsification.

Thinking it must be the head gasket, I stripped the engine down, but the rings on the head gasket are all intact with no splits or blown parts.

Does this point to the head being cracked (nothing visible to the naked eye) or do head gaskets start to leak without blowing major hols.



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