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200tdi clutch

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hi I'm new to this site so sorry if this is in the wrong place but i have a question about the clutch on my 90 i have fitted a disco 200tdi when i was doing this i also fitted a new clutch now i took it for the first driver yesterday and found that the clutch is bitting Right at the top of the peddle it doesn't seem to slip but was hard to get in to gear so we adjusted the peddle and this did help with the getting it into gear but not much on the bitting point now it has been a long while since the 90 has been on the road so i cant remember what the clutch was like before any advice would be greatly received as i don't want to pull the box or the motor out again

many thanks and love the forum


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Clutch and brake pedal should be the same height as each other. Ideally, the bite point should be about half way up.


thats were i was expecting the clutch to bite would it make any difference that i was told to use a disco clutch kit to match the fly wheel we did have some trouble getting the engine back on the box and i used the back plate of the old n/a

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