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Diesel Fuel Backup

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Hi there,

I have a "hydraulic" question... I am having a trouble in explaining my observations.

The last fall, after I placed my LR into the winter storage (in my unheated garage) I've topped the tank with diesel fuel (it reached the cap). It was suggested by somebody to me as a way of preventing moisture getting into the tank and rusting it from within.

A couple of days ago I noticed a diesel fuel spill on the floor. My heart sunk because I thought the tank is rusty. However, I couldn't really locate the place of the leak. I've opened the tank and looked inside; it's still full, but the rubber tube that connects the tank to the outside is now empty, i.e. the level dropped and some of the fuel had disappeared. Then I remembered that I've been noticing slight fuel odor in my garage for the last couple of weeks.

I was wondering if it could somehow got syphonned outside due to temperature changes? Could it be due to liquid volume changes as a result of temperature fluctuations? Is it reasonable to lose probably a couple of liters of fuel this way? I'm out of ideas :-(

I live in Canada and it gets really cold in winter around here, although this winter hasn't been very cold. I am not sure, but it appears that the smell appeared only a couple of weeks ago when it got unusually warm (+15C).



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Sounds like the fuel expanded via the breather tube. The same principal is allowed on forecourts with the underground and exposed tanks. All have Breather pipes to vent excess increase in temp variations. The amount can be very obvious when I used to work on refueling helicopter and doing bulk fuel handling. If your repeating that idea of overfilling, may be worth extending the breather hose to allow expansion.

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Sounds like the fuel expanded via the breather tube.

Well, I don't see any breather tube though, except maybe... there is a tube insert (not sure how it's called - funnel). Perhaps it got into a close contact with the rubber ring inside the cap.

Anyway, I think now that it wasn't such a good idea to fill up to the cup. Next time I'll make sure there is enough fuel to top the tank only - just in the middle of the rubber hose that connect the tank to the outside opening, which won't be a big deal to replace should it ever rust out.


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