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capacity of brake system

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theres gorra be more than that, the pistons and calipers are huge, i'd think theres probably close to 100ml of fluid in each front caliper...

Having an extra litre isnt really a big deal anyway. I'd rather have the extra, sealed sitting on the shelf, than running out half way thru bleeding it.

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The calipers may be huge, but there is almost no cavity in the caliper body. The pipe connection goes straight to the base of the pistons, so with the piston fully compressed - as for instance when the pads are new - there is almost no space between the base of the piston and the bore that it slides in.


The capacity of the system would therefore be dependant on the condition of the brake pads/shoes :)

I would suggest that if you are going to flush the braking system and at the same time remove dirty fluid/rubber dust, then the wheel cylinders and caliper pistons being in a fully compressed condition, would greatly help in doing the job better/quicker.


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