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Defender v8 fan cowling

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Just wondering what other people are doing re: the radiator fan cowling on v8 defenders. mine was a 300 tdi converted to 3.9 efi mated to R380 gearbox. it currently has a bodgamatosis 300 tdi cowling that doesn't fit properly or cover enough of the rad. i think this is causing it to run a little on the warm side. what part are you using?

i am thinking of fitting ERR7307 WITH ESR3226 which is the main cowling and top cover piece from a 4.0 efi 50th anniversary,

do you think this would be correct or is there something better out there and preferably cheaper!

Thanks, Steve

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Is there any reason why you don't just use the standard V8 Defender cowling? I used one on my V8 Defender with LT85 box.

My 130 used to have a deisel engine before I fitted the 4.6....so it must be do-able.

This is the only picture I could find that shows it.post-264-1240388660_thumb.jpg



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