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Diesel fuel filters


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I have been looking for a few fuel filters to take as spares on an upcoming trip to Morocco. It seems that Td5 filters are, in some intangible way, different to Tdi filters - they must contain some rare earth metal or something as a Fram one is £21, a genuine one £30 odd and an el cheapo one £10-£12. Why are they up to 10x the price of a Tdi one, anyone know? FWIW, the Tdi ones fit the housing but there must be a difference?

I assume this is common to Discos and Defenders - I suppose RangeRovers went all special when the BMW engines were fitted/P38?



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Filter is different internally to a Tdi....

If you need any more (not sure if cheaper or more than you've paid)

Price wise:

Cooper - £6.80 + vat

UFI (OEM to Land Rover for Td5) - £17.96 + vat

From experience... I'd also keep a couple of the 'water trap' taps in your spares box (the bit that screws into the bottom of the filter) - either the plain type or electronic water sensor type depending on what is fitted. Unlike a Tdi filter, you do not get new ones with the filter.

They have a habit of snapping :huh:


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The last one I fitted had a plastic tap on it - IIRC it may have been genuine - I remember being surprised that they must have updated the part number for later cars without the water sensor. I will make a point of having a spare!

I am pretty sure the current filter is a Tdi one I fitted when the one that was on it started leaking (apparently weeping from the seal) a little; I had best change it ASAP when I get a new one. I think the 'leak' may have been more related to the fuel pressure regulator leaking and fuel running back up the outside of the pipe.



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