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In-tank fuel pump

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I'm new on this forum, and I take the opportunity to present myself and share some info about the in-tank fuel pump.

I am the proud owner of a Defender 110 TD5 MY 2000. When I was a teenage girl I bought my first AC welding unit. Tools is my passion since then.

The other day, when I drove home the engine suddenly died. The tank meter indicated half tank and I heard a whining noise from the in-tank fuel pump. I had the station wagon towed to my garage and sat down at the computer and ordered a new fuel pump (it is a common trouble item on Defender so I was sure it was the cause of my breakdown).

I didn't want to remove the tank, so I decided to make a cut out in the rear cargo floor. Images in my album.

I welded together a tool to remove the fuel pump (I am quite good at welding, remember I started at age 15 and is now much older ;). Images in my album. Some tool details: Distance between teeth is 30 mm. No of teeth 12. Length of circumf. 393 mm.

And here's the bad news: Someone had tried to steal my fuel and left a hose in the tank blocking the tank sender. There was no fuel left!!

And here's the good news: After 230.000 km it was sure time to renew the pump anyway and the new pump made it possible for me to connect the Webasto heater to an unused outlet on the pump. (And I learned a lesson not to take tings for granted :)

Thanks for your excellent forum and I will try to contribute to it from now on.



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Welcome Stina, sounds like you did a good job, :dsorry to read some lowlife had nicked your diesel fuel.

Please take a few minutes to read info for new members it will help you use & find your way around our forum.

if you could add your general location to your profile, I'm sure other members would be willing to help if needed.

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