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****** H.O.F.S. T-Shirts - the 2009 summer collection ******

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HOFS shirts 2009

Back by unpopular demand, from the HOFS 2009 Summer Collection for the fashion-unconscious shed dweller we present a unique range of limited edition coture.

Nige and the A&M team have very kindly agreed to once again not only allow us to pimp them on the Forum but to handle the logistics of taking money and sorting postage n Packing - massive thanks guys!

We are doing things a bit quick and on a budget this year so it's any colour so long as it's black, and one design only which aside from being a sartorial classic, saves us a load of setup cost with the printers :P

We are printing these at the same time as the team shirts to save (more) money (it's as if we've got no money or something :unsure:) so you have until Saturday 9th May to get orders in AND Paid for- as that gives us a day to play with the abacus and get the order to the printers first thing Monday morning.

The design is as follows - a small logo on the front, and a big logo on the back.

(Please note this is a mockup, the text on the final version should look a tad better & straighter!)


You can have:

T-Shirts in blokes & skinny-fit ladies size

Rugby shirts, long-sleeved with white collar

Hooded sweatshirts

Rough sizing guide for all the bits:

T-Shirts, rugby Shirts, Hoodies:

Size/Inches: S=36, M=38/40, L=42, XL=44, 2XL=46-48, 3XL(TBC)=50-52

Ladies skinny-fit sizes (t-shirts only)

Size/Dress size: XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16

Prices are:

T-Shirts (mens & wimminz): £10

Rugby shirts & Hoodies: £21

Postage n Packing costs will be advised on Friday this week when Nige has been to the posties and investigated costs, any suplus from this HOFS are giving back to LR4x4 as a donation for Nige's efforts.

Proceeds of the clothes sales go to the HOFS funds for victims of Vince's coffee, and as mentioned change from postage costs go to forum coffers

How to order

Ordering is by PayPal - you do not need an account and you can even pay by cheque to paypal if you go to the website & follow the instructions.

Again Nige Will give guidance on paying as soon as the P&P is resolved and placed in here.

Once again, thanks to the forum A&M Team for their support, to Nige for volunteering his services, (fool) and to everyone for flying the flag :D it really is appreciated.

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I've been to the Post Office and now we can announce the ordering process and costs INC P&P delivered to your Door

These are for UK ONLY Deliveries, for orders Outside the UK PM ME

The following is a range of costs for multiple orders, for a combo not listed again PM me :

1x T Shirt - £14.60 (1 Item)

2x T Shirts - £26.20 (2 Items)

3x T Shirts - £38.56 (3 Items)

1x of either a Rugby Shirt OR a Hoddie £26.98 (1 Item)

2x of either a combo of Rugby Shirts OR Hoddies £50.77 (2 Items)

3x of either a combo of Rugby Shirt OR Hoddies £76.16 (3 Items)

1x T Shirt and also either 1 Rugby Shirt OR 1 Hoddie £39.08 (2 Item)

2x T Shirts and also a combo of either 2 Rugby Shirts or 2 Hoodies £74.86 (4 Items)

3x T Shirts and also a combo of either 3 Rugby Shirts or 3 Hoddies £107.33 (6 Items)

Other combos can be done........... PM Me and I'll advise


Ordering must be done as follows :


Post up here what you want OR PM me what you want

I will, either way, then send you a PM with the 'process' to order

This will give you everything in a simple PM - Payments is via Paypal Only

Any Questions then post below

All Orders that have been accepted AND PAID FOR will appear in the 'orders accepted' thread

and you also get a PM from me confirming your order, NO PM and Not on the 'Orders thread' = No accepted order

( Clicky Here : Orders accepted thread )

Thats it other than to say

ALL orders must be in with me AND Paid for AND Accepted

by Close on Friday 8th May at 5.00pm Sharp. NO exceptions or last

minute pleas - ordering closes -the complete order is past to the firm.


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