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worn out steering box ??

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My Pittman link between the steering box and the steering rods (I hope you guys understand what I am talking about) is loose. Tried tightening it several times and each time it works it's way loose again. It is deffinetly not the nut working loose. The garage that looks after it reckons that it is time to change the steering box because the teeth that the Pittman sits on are worn.

Has anyone tried using any of these STRONG glues like Liquid Metal ? Thought about welding but that would probably bugger the seals.

I am trying to avoid changing the steering box as there is no way of fixing it here.



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^^^^what he said, if the nut still has its proper tab washer in place, and folded over corectly I can't see how its working loose.

I have seen them without the tab washer in the past, where someone has taken it to pieces and not bothered to put it back!

Clean the slines on the shaft, and inside the arm, tap it on with a soft faced mallet, then do the num up to the correct torque, then fold the wsher over properly... it shouldn't work loose again.

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When I say works loose - it is not the nut that works loose on the bolt - that still has it's lock in place. When I open the lock an re-tighten the arm just moves up a little on the teeth and I get another month's peace and the all over again. I haven't managed to figure out if the problem is teeth grooves or both ?

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