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Brake problem


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Hi all, wondered if you could offer any advice.

A mate of mine has a V8 Disco 1. His troubles started off with a spongy pedal, he rectified it with a new servo, master cylinder, discs and pads all round.

He now tells me that he cant even drive half a mile before his brakes start to bind on and he has to stop or return home for fear of getting stranded. He's been at this for four weeks now and reckons he is now on his 4th Britpart master cylinder.

I asked him all the questions I felt were the obvious ones but he seems to have looked at all the things I would have checked too.

What do you guys think could be causing this? I'll not sully the water by telling you all the things I asked him to check, kind of want a fresh take on it then we can start from the beginnig again and try to get to the bottom of the problem.

Any and all suggestions appreciated,


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For a start, don't buy anymore Britpart components, they are of very poor quality and many people on LR4x4 (including me) won't entertain their stuff at all.

I've not got much of an idea on what your mates problem is, but I would try to eliminate poor quality components first...

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I totally agree about Britpart stuff and I dont use it myself. He has been and got a bearmach master cylinder this morning, we'll try it later.

Regarding the pedal, it seems like a "Normal" pedal, good, not spongy, no free play. When they start to bind - good question, I'll investigate later.

Cheers all.


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