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which freelander for the wife??????

Stroppy Cow

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Hi peeps

having always had defenders and series i now nothing about freelanders.......My wifes decided to sell her car and buy a diesel freelander....can anyone tell me for between 3-4000 what to get???????

and what not.................cheers stu. :D

The td4 has much better performance than the L-series, but the L-series parts are cheaper and it is a solid reliable engine. Both are pigs to work on if you are into diy. The td4 is made by BMW and the L-series is a Rover engine.

Definately do not buy a petrol no matter how cheap or good it looks, they are disasters waiting to happen.

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Wifey changed her sports jobbie 2 years ago for a '52 TD4 ........ a three door 2 litre thing with the detachable roof. All I can say is she loves it, and I am very impressed by it's performance. We use it for a week in France twice a year and I was amazed the first time I loaded it up!! We go from Caen across towards Rennes on our journey and there are some monster hills en route. Even fully loaded and little old me driving it (I am 21 stone lol), it still holds top gear all the way up on cruise control.

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Definitely go for a td4 and go for a basic model with minimal electric's, less to go wrong, serangeti is ideal, had mine for years and never had a problem, very powerful but you need to service them regularly, learn to do it yourself and save a fortune, its easy.

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