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Slighty odd body mount question...


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This is a bit of an odd question, but stick with it...

I have stolen one of LandyManLuke's pictures to illustrate a discovery/rangie bodymount:


On the end of the mount is a lump of solid material with a hole drilled through. This is what then has the rubber mounted on top, and the bolt through....

But does the solid lump serve any significant purpose other than providing a flat surface for the mounting hardware to mount onto?

Does the 1" or so of material stop the bolt moving laterally or something?

I need to make up some new mounts for the new truck, and want to use standard rubbers, but I am not sure if what I have planned is strong enough...



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Hmmm, that would explain why the holes on my chassis are nowhere near the middle of the 'lump' in some cases....

hey, it's a silly build - I have far more silly questions, but I'll bug you with those at the weekend.... :P

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Me too, I came to exactly the same conclusion, after looking rather closely at 6 of them for a few hours!

The holes aren't concentric to the solid part, or similar from one mount to the next, so i'd made up my mind that they were jig-drilled after the chassis was welded together. nice to know a few others have had the same thought.

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