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td5 90 gearbox???

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Hello Guys,

This is my first post on the forum so please be gentle with me!

I own a 90 hard top which ive had about 6 months. Its a T Reg and done about 85k. This is my first landy which i use for work every day, and until today it hasn't been too much bother.

Today i had a new uj fitted next to the transfer box. Had a lovely smooth drive home (elbow out!), pulled up outside my house stuck it in reverse and clunk!! limped it into its parking spot.

I have slowly driven it a few metres forwards and backwards and the noise/feeling only seems to happen in reverse but im not 100% sure. I dont want to risk driving too far.

I'm going to ring the garage in the morning and get their advice. But if anyone has any advice i'd really appreciate it so i can put myself out of my misery.

Ta, Matt

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Thanks Mo,

No its not in diff lock. Had a drive today and there was no noise. The mechanic thinks it might be a dodgy cv joint as it happened with full lock on in reverse. Ill keep my eye on it and keep you informed.

On another note I decided to change the rear discs and pads today as they were in a terrible state. I had to smack the hubs off the axles with a lump hammer cos they wouldn't slide off. The discs and hubs were also rusted together so they've taken a hammering too! The pistons on the calipers are in a state. They wouldn't retract enough to get the pads on so i think i'll have to overhaul them. They're lockheed calipers. Does anyone know the part number for a new piston kit. Is it stc1279?


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The front heavy duty diff exploded this morning! Could this be due to the mechanics error when refitting the propshaft?


Don't know if I've misunderstood, but from what I've read, I don't think the mechanic made an error refitting the propshaft.

The CV joint the mechanic referred to is not the UJ which he replaced, they are two different parts. The CV joints (there are 2 of them), live in the front axle and allow the wheels to turn whilst transmitting drive to them.

It appears that his diagnosis may have been wrong but that's an easy mistake to make. It appears the diff was the source of the noise you heard when reversing off your drive. A common symptom of a worn CV joint is a clicking/knocking noise when driving with high steering lock applied. That's why he suggested your noise may have been due to a CV joint.

Of course I may have misread your post and be talking through a certain part of my anatomy. :rolleyes:



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