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1996 Disco having fuel trouble. Please Help

disco man

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I have a 1996 Discovery 4.0 V8 gas,( fuel injected) while off-roading one day, about two weeks ago, i ran out of fuel. I put 8 gallons in it it would still not start. When i would spray starting fluid in the intake it would run (as long as i kept spraying). I figured it was the fuel pump, so i bought a new fuel pump it will still not get fuel to engine. I have read about the button on the fire wall to reset the fuel system. and i have pushed it. nothing happens. All of the fuse's are good and i've checked every thing i can think of. And even though it has 8 gallons the gas gauge wont show it. :(

Any idea of whats wrong? or any hint's?

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Few things to try.

If the gauge is not working I would suspect the tank or the pump/sender are not earthing so start by making a temporary earth wire.

If OK check to see if the pump live wire has 12volts while the engine is cranking.


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