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Camber Problem


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Hi guys

Bought a 'mint' disco (1993 v8 on gas) a few weeks ago well pleased apart from the thinnest cheapest tyres I've ever seen. Anyway last night fitted a set of alloys and nearly new 235x75x16 Bf Goodridge AT's. Looking at the car in daylight today I've discovered (no pun intended) that nearside looks cool sitting just inside the wing BUT shock horror on the other side the tyre looks well in and WRONG!

Out comes the tape and measured various datums and the body is square, no chassis repairs but if I measure from the outer edge of the tyre to the turret, the wheel is leaning into the spring by 25mm more that the other side. This car has belonged to a disabled driver for many years and has full service history, no mud (apart from mine) and looks like its never been offroad.

Is it possible to t**t a wheel that hard you can bend the stub axle?

I've measure loads of different datums and compared dimensions but this is the one that comes back at me all the time.

The car drives, handles and brakes perfectly

any ideas before I get in there



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if it is swivels I got mine as a kit from paddocks £68 per side if I remember, you will find its an easy job if you wd everything first, hub nuts to axle are 13mm/14mm think its probably 14, good luck

Thanks for the info chaps - I'll try the swivel housing first as there is no play in the 'top to bottom - 'side to side' mot wheel dance routine.


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