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100 amp dual fitting alternator numbers please


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'Ey up' lads

Following last months Howlin Wolf another alternator has gone kaput, and yet again I cannot find a part number for the one I want so that the local motor factor can supply one, I've had the same problem before and we tempory gave up but now my supply of second hand units is exhausted so it's time for an new one.

Because I have twin alternators I wanted the same both sides so if needed one can be swapped either way, i.e, double lugged so it can be left or right handed fitting, 12 volt, 100 amp, bolt on terminals. They fit at the top on either side on standard brakets, no problem.

I know these were a standard fit on some 3.9 or 4.6 Range Rovers but the after market part books make it a bit hit and miss with the double lugs and terminals, just wondered if somebody can give me a number that we can either use or convert to get a couple of new ones.

Thanks again lads and lasses.


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