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Defender 90 Steering Guard - which would you choose

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I ordered a Southdown steering guard for my 300TDi 90 for light off-roading protection from Devon 4x4. They don't have any in stock just now and have offered me the Clubman, which is a couple of quid cheaper.

Pro's and con's anyone ?

All help gratefully received as always



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Looks fine to me but if you just want light off road protection there are even cheaper options - check out Rebel 4x4


I have one of the alloy ones with towing eyes on the side brackets on my 110, these are a useful thing to have if you don't have any other front tow point.

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IIRC mine is a Rebel guard, no branding but low price and taken some knocks, Downside is it goes under the steering arm ball joint which may be ok with a stock suspension setup but I had to cut a lot of the back of the guard away to prove clearance for the steering rod when the suspension is at full droop.

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I did take a look at the Rebel one. The bit I did not like was that it had the word "Rebel" cut into it. 30 years ago this may have been appropriate.

Go on, you could paint the vehicle in the colours of the General Lee too :P

They do a plain one on the page I linked to for just £39. I prefer the unbranded look too, which is one reason for having the 'loominum one :)

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I have a Old MJL one, wouldn't be without it, it

takes loads of abuse, and the damage it has saved me makes it worth every penny :huh:

post-22-1240681168_thumb.jpg post-22-1240681156_thumb.jpg post-22-1240681142_thumb.jpg

Yonks back on a previous 4x4 I sheared the steering drop arm clean off the box, so any

guard is useful, mine has been 2Trimmed" back to give the smallest area but still protect

the crucial bits, MJL doesn't make them anymore and they are sort after (well, maybe not mine :lol: )

As the brackets are Stainless and the Ali a highish grade and all beautifully made, or mullered in my case


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No different to having 'Land Rover' on the back of the truck in my view, just a brand name.

I do agree Retro but if i saw someone my own age (nearly 40) with "Rebel" on their Land Rover and misinterpreted it as a life statement rather than a brand name I might be inclined to think "D*ck". :D:D

I still remember all the chavmobiles not so long ago with "One life Live it" and "On a Mission"..........

..........most likely to some McDonalds car park somewhere (Im shaking my head here as I used to be a bit of a petrol head in my yoof and did exactly that! :rolleyes: )

All above meant in a leg pulling manner :D


G :)

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