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Q Max cutters

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Will a Q Max cutter cut 3mm checker plate?

I've read one will cut 16 gauge steel (1.6 mm iirc) but I don't know if that is for all sizes, a limit or a recomendation, nor what that means for alloy...?

Anyone help please?

Cutting ally is abit like cutting timber, dont go to fast and it will be fine. What size hole?

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Two slots.

Imagine 2 22m holes joined into a slot. Well I need to cut two of those slots side by side.

I would drill the ends with a cone drill/cutter then join them up with a jigsaw.

If you had doubts the Q Max would handle it then trying to nibble out a slot will but side loads on the cutter which will likely guarantee it failing.


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Strictly I guess its a Q Max punch ....


Essentially its a cup and a tube. A pilot hole is drilled in the sheet you want to cut and the cup and tube assembled around a bolt which is passed through the pilot hole. Cup on one side, tube on the other. Its then wound together to press a perfect cut out of the sheet.

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