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judder/banging at rear wheels


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I have a w reg 2000 freelander (45,000 miles)and it has developed a judder/banging at rear wheels when turning at junctions etc(under power)and sometimes pulling away,strange thing is it does not do it all the time,i think it does it more with passengers aboard,i have had a quick read but not sure what to think!

Its not the rear diff mounts i undid the front one and its ok,checked the left and right ones with torch and they looked ok aswell,i thought they would be as these were changed around 6 months ago,I also did the vcu tippex test and the vcu is also ok just hope its not the ird

any advice would ge great


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i thought it was the suspension,somebody else said cracked chassis or Sub frame mount broken aint got a clue where to look on vehicle for those problems.

When i turn on full lock the entire vcu housing rotates with the drive shafts. This causes banging and juddering noises.

I discovered this by painting a mark on the vcu and driving in a straight line, the mark didn't move. I then turned full lock drove round in a circle, heard the banging, the mark on the vcu had moved. I haven't solved it , i just live with it.

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If the front rear diff mount is definately OK, then my fingher points at the rear subframe.



any pics or information as to what im looking for on the rear subframe?

(i have changed diff mounts to test and still the same)

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